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    Edgepolitics is an information site about ‘edge-principles’, and let us say right from the outset that the catalyzing influence behind this site has been the work of Umair Haque, firstly at BubbleGeneration and now at the Havas Media Lab. Umair’s 2005 PowerPoint Presentation: “The New Economics of Media. Micromedia, Connected Consumption, and the Snowball Effect” is a good starting point for those interested to examine his work in detail. Our conception of Edge Principles can broadly be defined as being part of the peer-to-peer meme (wikipedia link) Further information related to this area is discused in the article ‘How to bring the Core to the Edge’ by John Hagel III, John  Seely Brown and Lang Davison (We have no affiliation with any of the authors listed above)

    The diagram below gives some indication of the way we see the true forces operating in the current so called web paradigm… We will elaborate on this theme in numerous ways in the near future.


    Our position generally is that the web has allowed many hundreds of millions of people to download information from ‘servers’ via protocols like DNS, (domain name system) and communicate between each other via email by use of DNS and SMTP (simple mail transfer protocol). However these protocols, serve to lock users into the ‘client’ paradigm where ‘clients’ have to accept the terms of the businesses that control the web servers. Centralized web businesses continue to exert corporate control, when user’s in fact clearly desire control over their experience, their ‘privacy’ and the harvesting their of ‘interest-data’.

    We will soon update these pages to feature some of the projects being worked on within our network.

    我们真诚地欢迎来自中国的网站访问者。edgepolitics 将于今年发布在中国的第一个项目。请随时回访我们的网站更新项目信息及获取参与该项目的方式。

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