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    This blog is written by Simon Edhouse, Managing Director of Australian Web and Software development Company Virtusoft Pty. Ltd. The company has a strong interest in developing new search and recommendation systems and offering new customer focused solutions to internet advertising.  Virtusoft currently specialises in creating web projects in Chinese language, and supports various cultural initiatives to support Chinese students in Australia.

    Simon’s background spans music and song-writing, (early electronic music in legendary 2 piece band ‘Aeroplane Footsteps’ in 1981-82) Later winning awards in songwriting and the Young Composer’s award ‘Music to Film’ category. He has continued writing and recording through the years, privately and still maintains a strong interest in music production, working with collaborators when time permits, and extending on what is now a large catalog of work.

    From music he branched into Film Production, producing and directing 16mm documentaries and videos, and moving into Interactive Media and eventually High-Technology Manufacturing experience, serving as General Manager then Managing Director of Australian Holographics for 6 years, (1992-1998) building an international reputation and clientele for the company, selling large format holographic-displays to Expo 93 in South Korea, Holographic-Billboards for the Singapore Military and installations throughout Asia and Europe.

    In 1994, Australian Holographics signed a joint venture agreement with the South Australian Museum, giving the company access to the Museum’s vast collection of exhibits. One of the first projects undertaken by the new venture was the production of a 1.6 x 1.1 metre rainbow transmission hologram of a family of thylacines.

    The holographic thylacines, shown standing on a rocky outcrop in a field of dry grass, portrays the now extinct Thylacines as a family group, with the small thylacine pup protruding 50 cm in front of the holographic image-plane.

    Subsequently moving into Advertising, firstly as Innovation & Alliance Manager at DDB Digital (TribalDDB) in Sydney, then as Managing Director of OgilvyInteractive in Shanghai. Simon has two children Blake 15 years old and Chiara 9 years old, is based in Adelaide, Australia, and holds a Master’s Degree in Commercialization of Science & Technology from Adelaide University.

    Re: David Thorne’s Prank emails :

    NOTE: In November 2009 Simon had the dubious honour of featuring in an (apparently) hilarious piece of creative writing by the wickedly funny but rarely factual prank site 27b/6, where “embellishment” is listed as being at the top of the author’s personal qualities. ~ The series of emails featured on that site, purportedly written by Simon, are all obviously fake.

    Does anyone seriously need a designer to create a few pie graphs?

    We design far more complex things without needing any help from tricksters like David…
    Reference is made to some of David’s earlier Trolling activities in this post: ‘Friends, your new Enemies’ and a post script to that piece was written after Nov 2009.