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    billcros1On March 22nd I got what seemed to be a typical Twitter ‘Follow Notification’ by email, then later that same day I got this private message from Bill… and I thought:

    “What’s this?” It sounds like a scam… and unfortunately, (I’m sorry Bill)  but you chose the wrong person to send your automated pitch to.


    If you follow Bill, you will find he has all manner of things to say about highly topical and interesting issues… in fact the more topical they are, the more likely Bill will be right onto it.


    However, all is not what it seems… because Bill has ‘invented’ the: (wait for it) ‘THE TWITTER TRAFFIC MACHINE”http://www.twittertrafficmachine.com

    Here’s a quote from Bill’s promo-video:

    “ I’ve figured out how to get 16,000 targeted followers in 90 days, and make a bunch of money from it… all on auto-pilot”

    However, (borrowing a phrase from Umair Haque) to add ‘insult to irony’, Bill (who describes himself as a “Social Media Evangelist”) also has a video on his website called: “Twitter Etiquette (Twetiquette) in Plain English” is which he states:

    “… What Twitter is NOT? It is not a place to sell stuff, if you do, you’re gonna turn people off.”

    (link to ‘Twetiquette’ video)

    What Crosby describes as his: “automated content factory”… is based on pure trickery and its viral ‘get-rich-quick’ multiplier tactics will have the inevitable effect of muddying the waters of twitter with a growing avalanche of ostensibly authentic looking ‘Twitter-Spam’ and will induce ‘tragedy of the commons‘ effects.

    I urge everyone to reject this kind of B.S. as it’s DNA is inherently surreptitious and dishonest.

    8 Responses to Playing Monopoly with Twitter…

    1. mathew
      March 25, 2009 at 2:54 am

      There goes Twitter … ;-(

    2. March 25, 2009 at 11:58 am

      Agreed on the ethics, but …in Bill Crosby’s defense, the sequence he suggests can also be powerful in a positive way. In any case, it is an eye-opener regarding internet info-management and dissemination.

    3. admin
      March 25, 2009 at 1:10 pm

      Jack, can you elaborate on how: “the sequence he (Crosby) suggests can also be powerful in a positive way”? Maybe it feels like a “positive” to gain a lot of ‘followers’, perhaps like some people value highly having innumerable (so called) ‘friends’ on Facebook, but at least on Facebook I think most people who agree to play the: ‘let’s be pretend friends’ game, do so with open eyes… With Crosby’s scheme, the followers are following what amounts to: ‘robot-tweets’… and then there’s the angle of ‘making money’ via this duplicity… Where’s the positivity, besides in Crosby’s bank account? …and where’s the positivity in ‘tricking’ people to follow you? and finally: What do you think is the logical conclusion to this kind of scheme? It is clear to me that it potentially weakens the authenticity and fabric of Twitter. After some time, as news gets out about this kind of tactic, many people will be more suspicious of the mechanisms that underpin all that is good about twitter, and less inclined to believe in the process. – Its kind of the beginning of the end of innocence, for Twitter, and what is behind it? – Greed.

    4. March 25, 2009 at 2:29 pm

      Hi Admin,

      Pls note that I began my comment by agreeing with your observation on the ethics involved.
      There are so many outright scam schemes offering little if not negative value, that I feel it is appropriate to single out this “scheme” and state that despite the evident fact that he gets people to pay him to promote his own agenda – which is a feat in itself – he also provides value – even for those who, like myself, decline the affiliate scheme that he’s marketing.
      I took the bait of 16000+ tweeps and purchased the TTM and spent most of Saturday setting it up, only to find the punch-line self serving tweet that @BillCrosby wants me to circulate, which of course, I didn’t do.

      I DID, however, learn from him the tremendous value of bit.ly as an analytic tool. I DID learn from him the power of google alert, and how to utilize it to arouse a target audience. He, of course, doesn’t shed any light on the crucial issue of choosing the keywords that can create a focal lens and so utilize the phenomenal power of the internet to access specific needs populations… but that is another matter. To tell the truth, I don’t remember – offhand – the rest of his so-called “content machine”.

      As I said, I do not sanction, nor do I accept, funneling people into Crosby’s TTM, especially with the dubious bait of instant riches that has become rampant on the internet. So, I think we are agreed on the immorality of trickery.

      However, in the process, I have gained value from Bill Crosby. I now better understand the workings of Twitter and several of the services that have been developed to make use of its functionality. For that, I am indebted to him, and believe that the training he provides is good.

      BTW, you may very well have found me thru the automation he teaches. And I am glad you did.

    5. admin
      March 25, 2009 at 4:31 pm

      Jack, actually I found you by searching: “twittertrafficmachine” in twitter-search

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    7. Andy
      May 4, 2009 at 6:02 pm

      Bill Crosby is a straight up spammer, though I’m sure all the automated sock puppets that he can rally to his defense will tell you otherwise ad nauseum. I think the bottom-line question would be if his marketing methods really led to the off-the-hook sales he implies for his cusotmers, would he be using these skullduggery approaches to pushing his services.

      I’ll note that salesforce.com has an alliance with twitter and some of the same kinds of tools and strangely, they aren’t rallying the ire of internet pundits about questionable ethics. Maybe a company with a sterling reputation who works with the company who owns the medium might be a more reliable partner for marketing, ya’think?

    8. admin
      May 4, 2009 at 6:41 pm

      Crosby uses the typical “How I did it video series” to make his money, and he is shameless…

      Yes, re: Salesforce, the bigger you are and the more money you are making, the more immunity you get from public criticism. Google enjoys the same effect, and actually often I think they actually buy it (http://osdir.com/Article6677.phtml) by giving awards or funding research etc.

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